Chief Executive Officer: Nancy Schure

Kroungold Analytical had its origins in the year 2000 when Nancy Kroungold Schure pursued some business ideas and decided that the world needed inexpensive 2D liquid chromatography software that could be added on to any liquid chromatography system. Her husband, Mark Schure, had written software for many years that controlled valves for 2D LC and she had seen some of his earlier attempts written for DOS systems. She hired her cousin, Jimmy Ray Valdasini, a noted programmer, and he wrote the first version of the 2DLC program which ran on Windows 95. The software was later updated to run under Windows 2000 and then XP. Later, mass spectrometry was added. Although trained as a speech therapist, Nancy has shown time and time again that her business interests are diverse. From software to baking businesses, Nancy has driven Kroungold Analytical into diverse product and consulting areas.


CEO Nancy Schure




Chief Technology Officer: Mark R. Schure, Ph.D.


Mark recently went from part time consulting while spending 28 years in industry (Digital Equipment Corporation, Rohm and Haas Company and The Dow Chemical Company) to full-time consulting.

Mark has held a leadership role in separation science for many years in areas which included the interface between separation science and mechanistic investigations using high performance computing.

Specifically, Mark's interests include theoretical and experimental separation science with specific interests in mass transport phenomena, retention mechanisms at the molecular level and in macromolecular separation mechanisms. In addition, he has worked in computational chemistry, statistical physics, high performance computing hardware and software development including parallel processing, numerical methods, and database application development. He has also made contributions in polymer and colloid chemistry and laboratory automation including high-throughput systems and chemometrics.

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CTO Mark Schure




VP, Sales and Technical Service: Robert Murphy, Ph.D.



Dr. Robert E. Murphy, a noted researcher in two-dimensional comprehensive separations was recently brought on board as Vice President, Sales and Technical Service. Rob's experience in both comprehensive two-dimensional separations and his understanding of pharmaceutical and biotechnology research involving separation science and mass spectrometry bring a great treasure chest of resources to Kroungold Analytical. Murphy has held positions previously at Isis Pharmaceuticals and Elitra Pharmaceuticals. He has also been associated with the Rohm and Haas Company in Springhouse, PA, Advion Biosciences in Ithaca, NY and the University of California San Diego Department of Medicine.